Student are encourage to make use of the school library books for extra detailed studies. They must remember that they enter the library to grow in wisdom an maintain the decorum of this bank of knowledge.

Absolute silence must be maintained in the library.

Book mjust be handled carefully. In case os damage caused to the book by written or scribbing on it, a fine will be charged as per the damage.

Student can get books issued from the school library during the library immediatly.

They should bring there library cards an all books must be entered in the library register before the aare taken from the library.

Examine the book for any damage while borrowing it and the damage must be notified to the librarian immediately.

Book should be returend after 7 days and extended for a further period of 7 days provided there is no demand for the same book by other student.


The laboratory will mainly be opened for the High School and Higher Secondary student. Student are expected to take the lab experiment as a serious part of their learning and keep silence throughout their working time and follow the lab rules as explained by the respective teacher.

In case of any damage of the laboratory items, the cost of the damaged items will be paid by the student.


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